Pete Maughan: Prolero Has Always Struck Me as a Good Name for a Medication

In one of my earliest entrepreneurial ventures, I chose the name Prolero. My name is Pete Maughan, and Prolero just struck me as a good name with some future value that seemed like once or if I ever finished with my own business and the use of the name that I could sell off the domain and URL to a pharmaceutical company who wanted to sell weight loss medication or cholesterol medication or something of that sort.

That company called Prolero eventually did close its doors due to some large industry events and also some decisions made by myself, Pete Maughan, that I take responsibility for. The decisions led to me being stolen from in a huge way by a person whom I called a business partner but whom I should never have done business with. But I have learned my lesson, and after much heartache and having to leave many bills unpaid in that business, it has been a sad closure and one that I aim to overcome through future successes. Overtime I have managed to move back up in the ranks of the successful and am working toward clearing all the baggage and making good on commitments and obligations incurred by Prolero. This is not a requirement legally, but is an obligation that I take seriously from a standpoint of being morally and ethically upright.

But once the name of Prolero once more becomes synonymous with good business and high standards for health, medicine, healthcare and health and wellness, I will revisit the thought of naming a medication “Prolero” or of selling the rights and domain and name “Prolero” to a pharmaceutical company who wants to use it to help the health and lives of people all over the world. Just think, doesn’t Prolero have a good ring? Doesn’t it sound like it would be a fast acting, and effective medication? I think so. Maybe it will happen.


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