Should you get Weight Loss Surgery? Pros and Cons.

So the other day I was thinking about weight loss surgery. Since bariatric surgeries are up across the nation and have also gained much wider acceptance and approvals from insurance companies to have the procedures done, it is something that should be addressed. Naturally, there are many reasons for and many reasons against getting these kinds of surgeries so I’ll discuss one of the major pro’s and a major con of weight loss surgery.

First, it is noted in a recent study that weight loss surgery may cure diabetes in many cases. I find this interesting especially because so many people suffer from diabetes which in the majority of cases is a preventable disease that has more to do with body weight than just about any other factor (unless you’re talking about type 2 diabetes which is the genetic condition that does not onset as a result of obesity.) So this would be a huge plus on the side of doing the surgery. You can find the article here: Weight loss surgery may cure diabetes.

Next, let’s talk about one of the major disadvantages of resorting to weight loss surgery…and I’ll put a caveat in here about how I think the disadvantage can dissipate and be turned into a strength. People might say, and they would probably be right that the danger of turning to weight loss surgery to fix your weight problems does not require major changes in lifestyle to get the weight down. This is true, but it’s not entirely correct. When you participate in a weight loss surgery, your weight is dramatically reduced which leads to a new found sense of self image. This is a fantastic shot of self confidence for those who have the surgery. They’re excited, have a new purpose for health, and are much more committed to keeping the weight off. The new challenge becomes keeping the weight off through a true change of heart in how they live and eat and exercise. It’s important to overcome the weight to be vigilant and by doing that and using this new found confidence and using a strong sense of commitment that people who have bariatric surgery can keep the weight off.

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